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Make Your Field Service Practices Easy Using Mobile Apps

Like in every other domain mobility has become a driving force in field service practices. Indeed, this is one such area where the mobility factor works in abundance. There is a lot of real time information exchanged back and forth which help the field service staffs and the back offices to deliver the best out of them. The importance of mobile apps in field services has multiplied many times more because each and every one carries a mobile phone with impeccable businesses solutions.

Managing, scheduling, and communicating with the field staff has been improved tremendously since the introduction of field service mobile apps.

This whitepaper includes the following topics:

  • Need of Smart Mobility
  • 3 major changes to be implemented at the base level
  • The Mobile App Imperative
  • Field Service Connectivity with Mobility
  • Use of Mobile devices in enterprises
  • Smartphone Usage of Field Service Professionals
  • Mobile Apps and their Usage in the Enterprise
  • Leveraging Mobile Apps for Field Service

As the Founder and President, I engage in the needed details of the overall execution for the organization – strategically, people-wise, technically and from the point of view of Business Development.

Ripal Vyas – who has written posts on Enterprise Mobility News, Strategy and Blog Post.

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